4k Curved or Flat Screen TV?

Many people have heard all about the new craze for curved television screens. They are probably asking themselves: 4k curved or flat screen TV? Most people are only going to be able to afford one of them for their homes, and they’re not going to want to have any regrets. Flat screen televisions were once the newest and hottest items within this particular product niche, and a curved television screen is indeed something that is even newer and more technologically advanced. Curved television screens do have some positive characteristics relative to flat screen television screens, but people will also have to make some sacrifices if they choose to get them.

Curved television screens in some ways manage to represent reality more effectively than flat screen television screens. People don’t have the benefit of peripheral vision when they use flat screen television screens, or even more traditional television screens. Curved television screens can provide a more immersive experience on that basis alone. While some people might find this feature surprising, they will probably enjoy the visual experience.


The image quality in general that people can get on a 4k curved television screen is going to be excellent, even relative to 4k flat screen television screens. The images are going to be sharper, which is partly a function of human perception and partly a function of the way that the television screens are made in the first place. People’s field of view is going to be much broader when they watch almost anything on their 4k curved television screens. These screens have more surface area, and the increased surface area enhances the existing images instead of just making them look larger, which would be the case for a television screen that was just bigger. Plenty of people place a lot of emphasis on having the perfect picture quality when they are watching almost anything, and they are willing to pay for it. The 4k curved television screens are perfect for them.

However, it should be noted that curved television screens are more expensive than flat screen television screens right now. They will probably come down in price as they become more popular. However, at present, people will really have to pay in order to get those unique visual capabilities that only a curved television screen can provide. Flat screen television screens have been around for a while, and they are more affordable now than they have ever been.

It should also be noted that one of the major selling points with flat screen televisions is the simple fact that they are so convenient to store and display. Compared to the old, boxy televisions, flat screen televisions have always been chic and stylish. People can mount them on their walls or on their dressers just as easily, which gives them options. Curved television screens can’t be mounted on anyone’s wall, and they are going to be too big for some spaces. However, many people will think that the visual quality that they can get on these television screens is worth it.

Top 3 Aluminum Diamond Plate Uses

Aluminum diamond plate are one of the most decorative metal plates you can every find. They are also known as tread plate or checker plate or durbar floor plate. This designing or type of lightweight metal gets it diamond name form the diamond pattern raised from one side or one face of the metal and no pattern on the other. It uses are derived from the advantage of less friction on the aluminum diamond plate surface, and it beautiful design used for decorative purposes. Although aluminum diamond plates have a couple uses in various industries, the following are the most common use.

  1. Walls and Staircases

There is no better way to create a breathtaking wall, floor or staircase than using aluminum diamond plates. The shiny effect, durability, designs and protection of this metal is just perfect for workshops and car garages. They are most purposefully used as an anti-slipper surface in garages, workshops or even in house kitchens stores. It is no surprise that this metallic plate can last longer than the plastic ware, and ceramic that are over-hyped through intensive marketing. In addition, the plates are very easy to clean.

Another great thing with the plates is that you are spoil for choices. There are several color options nevertheless being metallic make them look perfect in silver metallic color. Remember, the aluminum component of the plate ensures that they do not rust, corrode or even decrease in quality with time. What is more is that there is the added protection compared to other wall materials in the market. For those who are wondering about installation, you should know that it is easy to cut diamond plates with a jigsaw and then use a fine tooth blade for a perfect job.

The various benefits associated with the use of aluminum plates on walls of even kitchens makes it qualify to the top 3 aluminum diamond plate uses.


  1. Truck Bed

This is by far the number one of the top 3 uses of aluminum diamond plate. This use of the plates on truck is popular because of durability and an appealing look. If you wanted, your truck bed to withstand the wear and tear you subject it to, the best way is to use aluminum diamond plates.

Diamond plates made aluminum sheets vary in thicknesses, but durability is a guarantee. The truck bed provides prefect conditions for rusting of metal, but not when you have aluminum plates. The fact that it is easy to clean so you can maintain it for a time.

Another advantage of using an aluminum diamond plate for your truck bed it that it easy to work with. The installation process is not complicated so you do not have to incur the cost of hiring a professional. Basic DIY skills will get the job done. Generally, aluminum is easy to cut, drill and even bend. That means you have the truck bed covered with aluminum diamond plate in a few minutes.

Again, the plates make your truck bed look great because of the shiny effect and the great design of the great patterns. Basically, some people even install the aluminum plates solely because of the great eye appeal. Do not forget that the plates are readily available in the market at very wallet friendly prices.


  1. Rocker Panels

The third popular use of aluminum plate blades is rocker panels mostly for tucks. The above-mentioned features again play a great role in the choice of the aluminum blades.



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